Career Profile

My name is Mauro José Pappaterra, I am a computer scientist. I work as a software developer and computer analyst at Mysrpoven AB, an energy efficiency company based in Sweden.

My work at the company includes C# and .NET software/webapp programming with MySQL CRUD integration. On daily basis I implement HTML/CSS/JavaScript (JQuery) programming, some data analytics, WordPress, as well as graphic design. I work mostly location independent. I have worked with Myrspoven on their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and while traveling various locations in India, China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea before finally settling down in Brisbane, Australia.

On my free time I travel the world and try to read as many books as I possibly can. I am very interested in fighting global warming and in anything related to sustainability and green living. I am also an amateur journalist, photographer, rock climber and swimmer. I have travelled extensively in all continents. In the past I have lived, worked and studied in Europe, South America, Oceania and in the United States of America.

General Skills Overview

Software Development

Web Development

Interface Programming

Big Data / Data Science

Database Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Software Design

Software Documentation

Machine Learning



System Analysis

Game Development

Computer Graphics

Software Testing

Mobile Development

Programming Languages




JavaScript / jQuery





Assembly Language




Lisp / Scheme






Software & App development

Information Systems

Graphical User Interfaces

CRUD Functionality


Database Systems

Game Development with Unity3D

Android Apps

iOS Apps

Web Development


Responsive Web Design




Database Integration


Java Servlets

Ruby On Rails



Pixel-Perfect Principles

Cloud Services & Deployment


Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud




Digital Ocean

OS, IDEs & Software

MS Windows Systems

Unix / Mac Systems

MS Visual Studio

JetBrains IDEs









Adobe Software

Other Competences


Academic Writing

Graphic Design

UML Design Diagrams



Work Experience

Myrspoven AB

2018 - present
Various Locations around the World

I work as a software developer and computer analyst at Mysrpoven AB, an energy efficiency company based in Sweden. We use A.I. and Machine Learning techniques to improve energy usage on smart buildings. We help people and companies save the environment (and money) using meticulously designed algorithms and modern technology!

My work includes C# and ASP.NET software/webapp programming with MySQL CRUD integration. On daily basis I implement HTML/CSS/JavaScript (JQuery) programming, some data analytics, WordPress, as well as graphic design. I work mostly location independent. I have worked with Myrspoven on their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and while traveling various locations in India, China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea before finally settling down in Brisbane, Australia.

As for today I am working from my home in Uppsala due to the COVID-19 pandemic, following the recommendations of the Swedish health authorities.

You can read more at Myrspoven official website Visit Website


List of published academic papers and articles:

    A Review of Intelligent Cybersecurity with Bayesian Networks
         Mauro José Pappaterra, Francesco Flammini
         Published on IEEE SMC 2019 - Industry 4.0 - October 2019
         Read Online

    Implementing Bayesian Networks for online threat detection
         Mauro José Pappaterra
         Published on DiVA - Linnaeus University (Dissertation) - 2018
         Read Online Get Citation

Formal Education

Master in Computer Science

2017 - Present
Uppsala Universitetet, Uppsala, Sweden
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Uppsala’s Master program is flexible and students are allowed to pick from a wide range of courses based on their own goals and interests. The study environment in Uppsala is superb, and it lives up to its internationally praised education standards.

I have taken courses to steer my career towards the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Human-Computer Interaction. Some of the courses I have completed include Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Cryptology, Human Computer Interfaces, IT Systems and Human factors and Intelligent Interactive Systems among others.

During 2019 I participated on an exchange program at The University of Queensland in Australia. Most of courses I took were related to advance subjects in Computer Science and Journalism and Communication.

I am currently working on my Master Thesis. I expect to graduate on September 2020.

Uppsala University

Master of Science in Computer Science

Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden

Founded in 1477 Uppsala University is the oldest university in all the nordic countries, and it ranks among the world's top 100 best universities in several high-profile international rankings. The study programme for the Master of Science in Computer Science consists of 120 credits and includes a final master degree dissertation project.


First Semester

  • Advance Computer Science Studies in Uppsala
    5.0 c  
  • Artificial Intelligence
    5.0 c  
  • Functional Programming
    5.0 c  
  • Human Computer Interaction
    5.0 c  
  • IT Systems and Human Factors
    5.0 c  
  • Secure Computer Systems I
    5.0 c  

Second Semester

  • Intelligent Interactive Systems
    5.0 c  
  • User Interface Programming I
    5.0 c  
  • User Interface Programming II
    5.0 c  
  • Cryptology
    5.0 c  
  • Computer Graphics
    10.0 c  

Third Semester

  • Maintenance Programming
    5.0 c  
  • Data Mining
    5.0 c  
  • Perception and Visual Design
    5.0 c  
  • IT and Society
    15.0 c  

Fourth and Fifth Semesters completed abroad during exchange program

Thesis Project

Coming soon!

Read more at Uppsala University official website Visit Website

University of Queensland

Exchange Studies

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The University of Queensland is one of Australia's leading research and teaching institutions, ranking among the world's top universities by several high-profile international rankings.


Fourth Semester

  • Machine Learning
    2 units  
  • Advance Computer Security
    2 units  
  • Journalistic Narratives
    2 units  
  • Media and Society
    2 units  
  • Multimedia
    2 units  

Fifth Semester

  • Advance Human Computer Interaction
    2 units  
  • Advance Database Systems
    2 units  
  • International Journalism & Mass Communication
    2 units  
  • Journalistic Investigation
    2 units  

Read more at University of Queensland official website Visit Website

BSc in Computer Science

2014 - 2017
Linnaeus Universitetet, Växjö, Sweden
California State University Easy Bay, California, United States

During my bachelor studies at Linnaeus University I learnt about the foundations of Computer Science and Software Engineering. The courses I took included Basic and Discreet Mathematics, Logic and Languages, Computer Networks, Computer Technology, Operating Systems, Software Architecture and Design, Software Testing and Documentation, Programming and Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, and Database Architecture among others.

I took a free standing course in Game Development during the summer of 2017, and several extracurricular courses that are not directly related to Computer Science (mostly language, literature and geology courses).

From August 2016 to August 2017 I participated on an exchange program with ISEP. During this program I lived and study in the United States for an entire year as an exchange student at California State University in the Bay Area. With the Bay Area and Silicon Valley being a world class hub of software development and technology, this experienced helped me better understand how the tech industry works from an American perspective.

Linnaeus University

Bachelor of Science in Software Technology

Växjö, Kronoberg, Sweden

Linnaeus University is a modern university in southeastern Sweden with a strong international profile. The study programme for the Bachelor of Science in Software Technology consists of 180 credits and includes a final degree dissertation project.


First Semester

  • Basic Mathematics for Computer Scientists
    7.5 hp  
  • English for Academic Studies
    7.5 hp  
  • Problem Solving and Programming
    7.5 hp  
  • Technical Information and Communication
    7.5 hp  

Second Semester

  • Discrete Mathematics
    7.5 hp  
  • Programming and Data Structures
    7.5 hp  
  • Software Technology
    7.5 hp  
  • Project Course in Computer Science
    7.5 hp  

Third Semester

  • Computer Technology I
    7.5 hp  
  • Object Oriented Analysis Design and UML
    7.5 hp  
  • Operating Systems
    7.5 hp  
  • Software Testing
    7.5 hp  

Fourth Semester

  • Introduction to Computer Networks
    7.5 hp  
  • Formal Languages and Logic
    7.5 hp  
  • Software Engineering Design
    15.0 hp  

Fifth and Sixth Semesters completed abroad during exchange program

Thesis Project

  • Implementing Bayesian Networks for online threat detection Read
    15.0 hp  

Free Standing Courses

  • Introduction to Game Programming
    7.5 hp  
  • Swedish Beginners Course I
    7.5 hp  
  • Swedish Beginners Course II
    7.5 hp  
  • Spanish General Course I
    30.0 hp  
  • Spanish General Course II
    30.0 hp  

Read more at Linnaeus University official website Visit Website

California State University East Bay

Exchange Studies

Hayward, California, United States

California State University East Bay is part of the 23-campus California State University system. Located near the Silicon Valley, it has been recognized as a "Best in the West" college by the Princeton Review.


Fifth Semester

  • Website Development
    4.0 units  
  • Database Architecture
    4.0 units  
  • Data Communication and Networking
    4.0 units  
  • Artificial Intelligence
    4.0 units  
  • Introduction to Programming Languages
    4.0 units  

Sixth Semester

  • Software Engineering of Web-Based Systems
    4.0 units  
  • Analysis of Algorithms
    4.0 units  
  • Theory of Automata
    4.0 units  
  • Website Authoring
    4.0 units  
  • Project Course
    5.0 units  

Read more at California State University East Bay official website Visit Website


Here I have compiled a short portfolio with some of the projects I have created. This short selection includes university assignments, events, and personal projects. The projects are divided into three different sections. You can have a better insight on my work and see more of my projects visiting my GitHub page


The software applications presented here were mostly coded in Java, Python or C#. This selection includes both command line interfaces as well as GUI applications. Notice that some of these projects are prototypes that still need some work to be completed.

Dinning Philosophers - This is my solution to the Dinning Philosophers Problem. This short program deals with multi-threading programming and synchronization issues (deadlocks and source starvation). I wrote this program on Java and created a GUI interface using JavaFX and other graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop. See on Github
Gun'em Down - A three-dimensional, never-ending, machine gun, survival game created using Unity3D's engine and C#. See on Github Download from Dropbox
The Jolly Pirate - This short Java program implements CRUD functionalities for a fictitious boat club. The program allows you to add, modify, and delete club members and boats, to assign berths and to display information from a database. I implemented a console navigation interface, and an algorithm to save (and load) a database from an external file. Encapsulation techniques are used to keep the information correct and error free. See on Github
Random C Syntax Generator - Using a set of production rules, this short Java program randomly generates a syntactically correct C snippet. This project was very interesting, as it demonstrates how the logic behind a programming language works. All “code” generated is saved into an external file. I used JavaFX and other tools for creating a GUI. See on Github
Password Generator - A short Python console program that generates random passwords from a dictionary or external file. This program can also calculate a password entropy on bits, and compare entropy values with random generated passwords on different sets of characters. I also implemented a MVC pattern and the possibility to use any external file as a dictionary. See on Github
Vigenère Cipher - A short Python console program that allows you to encrypt/decrypt a text using different ciphers. You can also import/export a text from an external file for encryption/decryption, and crack the vigenère cipher using character frequency analysis. See on Github

I have developed both static and dynamic websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, as well as other technologies such as AJAX, PHP and MySQL, and external libraries. I am also familiar with frameworks used in modern web development such as Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Angular.js among others.

Metasploit - This is a very long, single page, scrolling website that presents all the modules within the Metasploit Framework. There are no images on this website project, some ASCII art (not of my authorship) is included, but everything from the background to the menu bars was created and styled using HTML and CSS only. I used JavaScript (jQuery) and AJAX to add dynamic functionalities to the website. The external JS library Buzz was implemented for adding sound effects. See Online
Pancake Flipper - This Django web application presents a GUI to the pancake flip problem. I originally programmed the solution for a Google Code Jam challenge using Python. I implemented HTML, CSS and jQuery to create the website interface and add dynamic content. I also implemented graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop. See on Github
Company Landing Page - This project is a responsive website for a fictional company. I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery) to create the web interface and generate dynamic content. I used the external library Bootstrap for implementing a grid-system-based front-end framework, and Owl2 for creating a photo slide carousel. See Online
The Flying Dutchman - This is a project User Interface Programming I at Uppsala University. We had to design a user interface using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery), we were not allowed to use any external library or web framework. The user interface is for a bar ordering system, where customers can order they drinks on terminals, bartenders should be able to review the orders and managers to re-stock the bar inventory. We also had to implement undo-redo and drag-and-drop functionalities, we used a dummy database system and JavaScript session storage to generate a dynamic user interface. See Online

Here are other projects that I feel are worth mentioning. Some are design projects that do not include any actual technical implementation. This section also includes ideas and prototypes, articles I have written, and even unfinished projects that I deemed interesting enough to mention.

Google Code Jam - This is a collection of my solutions to various challenges from Google’s Code Jam, the well-known international competition hosted by Google. Most of these challenges include different mathematical and computer science concepts that normally appear in everyday computing problems such as recursion, loops, formatted output, file I/O, data structures, and more. I try to solve as many challenges as possible, and add them all to this repository. All solutions are coded in Python. See on Github
Knowledge System in Programming Languages - A domain expert on every single computer language ever conceived, implemented on SWI-Prolog. It can be consulted to find the ideal programming language for a given task. This is just a skeleton and needs more data added to its knowledge base. See on Github
UppsalaBot - During Ada Lovelace hackaton organized by AMC at Uppsala University, we came up with the idea of creating a chatbot that provides information about living and studying in Uppsala to new students. The chatbot provides information about the faculty courses and building locations, how to get around the city, accommodation, night life, clubs and bars, any events and festivals, and even historic facts about the city and the University. We used Python, and Telegram's API for creating this chatbot, and Heroku and GlassFish for deploying the app on the web. This is an unfinished project. See on Github
Interface Design for Augmented Reality Glasses - This was a group project for a Human Computer Interaction class at Uppsala University. Our group, Ace that Interface, was asked to design an interface for a prototype that would aid bicycle users in Uppsala. We were not given any more instructions or any restrains. We came up with the idea of implementing augmented reality glasses to enhance navigation, and created a blog reporting our research, interviews and design steps that lead to the creation of our final prototype. Our project got really good feedback from both teachers and students. We were first finalist on this course and our work was also mentioned on the teacher's blog. Read our Blog

Online Courses & Tutorials

I love to read and learn about new technologies, and I like to do different tutorials and online courses whenever I get the chance. My platforms of preference are edX and Coursera, but I use other portals too such as Hacker Rank, Code School and Codecademy among others. Here is a list of some of the online courses and tutorials I have completed.

    PHP Tutorial
          w3Schools - November 2018 - Learn More
    JavaScript Tutorial
          w3Schools - September 2018 - Learn More
    Data Science: R Basics
          Harvardx | edX - March 2018 - Learn More
    Rails For Zombies
          Code Schools - July 2016 - Learn More
    SQL Tutorial
          w3Schools - June 2015 - Learn More
    CSS Tutorial
          w3Schools - June 2015 - Learn More
    HTML5 Tutorial
          w3Schools - June 2015 - Learn More

Conferences, Workshops & other Events

I proactively participate in different workshops, conferences and events. I have attended various events around the world! I am always looking for new opportunities for networking and learning about the latest tech!

    IEEE SMC 2019 - Industry 4.0
          Bari, Italy - October 2019
    Automotive Linux Summit Tokyo 2019
          Tokyo, Japan - July 2019
    The Linux Foundation: Open Source Summit Japan
          Tokyo, Japan - July 2019
    Grow with Google
          Brisbane, Australia - April 2019
    World Science Festival
          Brisbane, Australia - March 2019
    Lectures from Nobel Prize Laureates
          Stockholm, Sweden - December 2018
    Google Hash Code 2018
          Worldwide - March 2018 - My Submission - Certificate
    FOSDEM '18
          Brussels, Belgium - February 2018
    TEDx Uppsala University: Ripples
          Uppsala, Sweden - November 2017
    ACM's Ada Lovelace Hackaton - ACM Celebration of Women in Computing
          Uppsala, Sweden - November 2017
    Worlds Fair NANO in California
          San Francisco, United States - January 2017
    iWeek Efrei - International Week
          Paris, France - March 2016
    TEDx Linneuniversitetet: Habits
          Växjö, Sweden - November 2014


I am fluent in English and Spanish. My level of Italian is good but I need some practice! My Swedish level is 3C or A2 according to the European Language Council.






Here is a list of official language certificates I have obtained over the years.

    IELTS Certificate in Academic English
          British Council | University of Cambridge - February 2016
    Spanish General Course (I and II)
          Linnaeus University - 2016
    Swedish Beginners Course (I and II)
          Linnaeus University - 2015
    IELTS Certificate in Academic English
          British Council | University of Cambridge - January 2013
    University of Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE)
          University of Cambridge - February 2007
    Corso Generale in Lingua e Cultura Italiana (I, II and III)
          Scuola Dante Alighieri - From 2005 to 2007

Before Tech Industry

Before I discovered my passion for Computer Science and Software Engineering, I was working as a chef, cooking and bartending in various cities around the world. I have lived in Australia and New Zealand for a period of two years, and I have been living in Sweden for the past years of my life. I have also travelled around Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, North and Latin America, and in the Middle East. These experiences have granted me a great cultural background, as well as an holistic insight of the world we live in. This is an asset that helps me better understand, communicate and evolve in a multicultural working environment.

Here is a map of all the countries I have visited so far: